School Tour: Learning For People

On December 3 2018, the United Nation adopted a resolution adopting January 24 as the International Day Of Education. Thus, making the present 2020 the second-year celebration. In Nigeria, 10.5million children are out-of-school; moreover, the figures are bleaker in the Northern part of the country. In addition to this, there is a low primary and secondary school completion rate. Unfortunately, much of the population that has completed secondary and university education is weak in numeracy, science, and reading.

Education problem in Nigeria is beyond graduating with a First Class honors or passing excellently in West African Examination Council exams. It is that secondary and university graduates see an end to reading upon completing schooling, therefore, ultimately, ending learning.

In the light of these challenges, Brace-up The Young organized a School tour in 5 states ( Bauchi, Bayelsa,  Benue, Lagos and Ogun) in Nigeria, focusing on under privileged schools of 14 to 18 years old students (S.S. 1-3) with 13 Volunteers. The Organization sensitized over 1056 students with 35 school staffs present to give their moral support. The theme for the project is Learning for people, planet, prosperity and peace. 

However, the school tour was a reminder quest carried out to create a renewed interest in getting educated In and Out Of The Class Room, and in a LifeLong Learning model.

As an Organization focused on changes at the Education sector, we envision a Nigeria where:

  • Learning and skills are prioritized over ethnicity and religious affiliations.
  • Education, Learning and Skills is cherished by the population over get-rich-quick mental syndromes
  • Prioritization of Knowledge, Learning, and Skills as much as engagement in movies and soccer is implemented.

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