I was thinking everyone in Lagos is rich until yesterday, Thursday, 21/01/2021 !

When you stand at the express/highway to watch the moving vehicles zoom pass you and the power bikes moan as if they are breaking their silencers, you’d think that this is the best place to be.
How about standing early in the morning to watch through your window the beautiful school buses passing in the street with school children all dressed in adorning uniforms with shoes well washed and polished to intimate you of the range of figure being paid to the school management as fees every term?
Surulere is such an area where the majority of the occupants could feed at least 2 square meals daily and hence in that area, Lagos is a place without so much of poor families feeding from hand to mouth.
As the Programs Officer of Brace-up The Young (BTY), a position I took this year (2021) after being the Volunteer Coordinator in 2020, I decided to take a tour to some schools in Mushin. I needed to get a school to use for our project (BTY School Tour 2.0) in commemoration of International Day of Education of Jan. 24th where we will sensitize the students on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with much focus on the SDG4 (Quality Education).
Oh, my world! It’s then I found out that Lagos is deeper than the name sounds. There were some schools I felt like using my hands to support the nose cover I was wearing due to foul smell emanating from the drainage systems, poor infrastructure, no painting, no good doors, no windows, etc. In fact, there’s one that when I was asked to sit, I was very reluctant because on climbing the staircases, I felt irritated by the condition of the school.
But then, what will the child of the poor do? They need to go to school. Their parents must have to send them to schools where they can afford. Some of these kids have no good shoes. Others, no good school uniforms, some no books, some are owing school fees.
I paused and asked myself, are we going to really achieve the SDG4 (quality education) by 2030? Is my role effective enough to mitigate the injustice in the educational sector? If your ward takes a lunch box to school daily, you just have to thank God because many don’t. If you can afford them a school where they board buses to, you’re doing noble because many kids haven’t entered a school bus before and might not get the opportunity to enter one.
Help mould education.
Help rebuild education.

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