SDGs Youth Advocates Fellowship, Cohort 1 Fellows completes two weeks virtual Boot camp

After a two week intensive virtual SDG boot camp training organized by Brace-Up the Young, the 17 Nigerian Youth Making Impacts otherwise called the SDGs Youth Advocates have completed their training. With the pledge “to leave no one behind but also to reach the furthest behind first” on our sleeves,

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Brace-up The Young provides relief to 30 families during lockdown

With the lockdown protocols enforced by the government, we realized families in low-income communities earn to survive daily. In April 2020, the residents of Dustbin estate lost their homes and properties to fire outbreak increasing hardship in the community. We realized Lockdown isn’t the same for everyone and collaborated with

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School Tour: Learning For People

On December 3 2018, the United Nation adopted a resolution adopting January 24 as the International Day Of Education. Thus, making the present 2020 the second-year celebration. In Nigeria, 10.5million children are out-of-school; moreover, the figures are bleaker in the Northern part of the country. In addition to this, there

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Terrible Leadership and its Influence

There are some people who have the ability to influence a whole lot of people positively, but others are terrible at it. It just affirms the realization that because someone holds a position of leadership it does not mean that they should or could actually lead. You might think that

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What is Effective Leadership In Politics?

Since nature has placed the man under governance, politics, according to Aristotle was created to be the highest form of association, it was meant to depict our actions and intentions as humans with the purpose of achieving happiness and something good. Sadly, the world is full of aspiring political leaders

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